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IPad Air 2 Tetrad


IPad Air Tetrad

The IPad Air 2 is an enhanced technology. It is enhanced in comparison to the predecessor, the IPad Air, by the enhancement of the CPU features and the Graphics Performance. Using the IPad Air 2, the work-performance of users can be enhanced. Internet surfing can also be a more rewarding experience, and the users’ security is enhanced through the option to use a thumbprint to identify themselves when making online purchases. Further, there are two quality cameras on the IPad Air 2, which enhance videos and photos that are produced by the user. A YouTube video comparing and contrasting the IPad Air 2 to the IPad Air can be viewed at this link:

The technologies that the IPad Air 2 brings to mind from the past are the Plato IV Touchscreen Terminal, the FingerWorks, Lemur, and TactaPad. The Plato IV Touchscreen Terminal was created in 1972. It contained a touchscreen panel that allowed students to answer questions by touching the screen to enter their responses (Cohen, 2011). FingerWorks is a technology that was developed in 1998 by John Elias and Wayne Westerman (Cohen, 2011). It consists of a gesture-operated keyboard and the iGesture pad. When Apple bought this technology in 2005, the iPhone and the iPad followed (Cohen, 2011). Lemur is a mulitouch screen that was developed in 2003. Born from this technology was the first transparent multitouch screen technology that contained a digital display that could be touched directly to complete tasks and actions (Cohen, 2011). Finally, the TactaPad is a technology that works in conjunction with a camera, which enables the recognition of hand movements through a touch pad that allows actions to be communicated. The technology never made it to the consumer market (Cohen, 2011). Watch a YouTube video that shows how the drawing feature works along with the TactaPad at this link:

The production of the IPad Air 2 with its enhanced capabilities have made some of the technologies that were once widely used by many, less used by some. While there are some who will continue to use the original IPad Air and laptops, there are some who will opt to upgrade to the IPad Air 2 to take advantage of its enhanced performance and capabilities. As technologies are condensed, and made smaller, the use of technologies such as the laptop will decrease as individuals prefer to use less space and carry less weight. A technology that may replace the IPad Air 2 in the future is the transparent IPad. Find information on the thoughts of a transparent IPad in the future at this link:

Obsolete Technology




As described above, the Tactapad is a touchpad that is used in conjunction with a camera to recognize hand movements that are used to complete tasks. The Tactapad never made it into the consumer market, so there were no other technologies that made this technology obsolete. The Tactapad appears to be a very useful tool to assist individuals who have disabilities. It can enhance the performance of individuals in the instructional setting, or in the workplace. The Tactapad retrieves the First Multitouch Device and The First Multitouch Screen. As evident in the present, the Tactapad reverses the IPad, IPods, and Touchscreen Computers.

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