MD5 – Red Queens and Increasing Returns


Hello Professor and classmates,

Once I decided on the movie that I wanted to view for the MD4 requirements, which was Minority Report, I immediately went to Netflix and searched for the movie. When I didn’t find the movie on Netflix, I went to YouTube. I searched for the movie there, and I found it, and viewed it digitally.

The current competition that exists between DVDs and videos on demand is an example of Red Queens. The competition that exists between DVDs and videos on demand is similar to the competition that exists between Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in the present, as mentioned by Thornburg in the video clip (Laureate Education, 2009). As discussed by Thornburg, these two technologies are constantly making changes to dominate the other technology (Laureate Education, 2009).

I can say that the same is true about DVDs and videos on demand. For instance, while there are still stores that rent or sell DVDs, there are more convenient ways to access movies via Netflix, or through the use of other online sources. With the ease to access increasing, stores that rent or sell DVDs have to develop ways to keep their customers coming in. Just as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer make constant changes in an attempt to stay dominate, so does the DVD sellers and the individuals who manage the videos on demand.

I believe that DVDs are in the reversal stage of McLuhan’s tetrad. I believe this because I think that due to the videos on demand becoming a popular option, the DVDs are close to being “pushed to the limit of its potential” (Thornburg, 2008b, p. 2). I believe that ultimately, the videos on demand option will totally replace the DVDs. Please see the link below that supports that videos on demand are taking over the well known DVDs.


Laureate Education, Inc. (2009). Emerging and future technology: Red queens. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Thornburg, D. D. (2008b). Emerging technologies and McLuhan’s Laws of Media. Lake Barrington, IL: Thornburg Center for Space Exploration.

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2 thoughts on “MD5 – Red Queens and Increasing Returns

  1. Great post! I love the pics that accompany your topic. I agree whole heartedly with your assessment. I posed this question to Adrian, but will also post it to you. Do you think the DVD can be save from extinction?


  2. Kenyatta,

    Isn’t it incredible how we have all seen the rise and eventual fall of the movie rental business to video on demand and overall digital retrievel of pretty much anything we desire to watch? I totally agree that the days of DVDs will soon come to an end entire sections of stores will have find new technology to place on their shelves. Great post and quite insightful!


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